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Who We Are
A neighborhood favorite for over 30 years offers quality and customer service that no one can surpass. California Donuts #21 Inc. located on the busy corner of 3rd and New Hampshire in the city of Los Angeles is solely family owned and operated.

This local hotspot prides its popularity from offering a variety of freshly baked goods and their signature brewed coffees that will suit every desire. From the homemade butter croissants to the hand cut donuts and everything in between, we work hard with our suppliers to use only the best of ingredients.

Our customers as well as the community has become an extension of who we are… we continually create new and unique products that feed the changing tastes of our customers at any time of day. Open 24 hours, you will only receive exceptional customer services and the finest products.

We are here to cater to your needs, whether it be for breakfast, a corporate lunch, holiday party or marketing purposes… stop by and taste the quality and become a part of our family.
Full menu coming soon!

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How To Order
Please click photo link above for FAQ and order form info! When you're ready to order, please send your completed order form to

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